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Magic Truffles - Mushroom Growkits - Psychedelics

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Next Level Blog

Microdosing with Magic Truffles

Microdosing with Magic Truffles

If you take a microdosage Magic truffles, you experience very subtle effects. It does not come close to the psychedelic effects of a normal Magic Truffles dosage. Hallucination is therefore not the goal if you have microdose. In general, the effect of microdosing is improving a person's well-being and performance in a subtle way. This without negative consequences. You will be able to function normally in your daily life, but you may notice that things you feel are easier and more fun.
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Back in stock: Crystal Grinded Cumaru!

Back in stock: Crystal Grinded Cumaru!

One of our favorites is back in stock! Cumaru is a new Rapé made according to traditional mix. The ingredients are pulverized using crystals / gemstones. Rapé is a complex mix of pulverized plants. Note: very strong !! More powerful than the Huni Kuin Cumaru. It works very grounding and has the ability to put someone into a deep trance like state.
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Kratom: terug van weggeweest! 15% Discount

Kratom: terug van weggeweest! 15% Discount

Due to imposed restrictions we were forced to stop selling our Kratom on our webshop. With full joy we can give you the good news that Kratom is for sale again at our webshop !! To celebrate that, we have a discount code for Kratom lovers! 15% discount on your Kratom purchase!
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New: Dedicated Kratom webshop: www.kratom-powder.eu !

New: Dedicated Kratom webshop: www.kratom-powder.eu !

New! Our specialized Kratom webshop: www.kratom-powder.eu. Full of information about our own kratom: the history, production process, recipes and use.
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