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Easy Instant Mix - Raw Cacao - Ceremonial Grade Powder - Raw Cacao - Next Level
Easy Instant Mix - Raw Cacao - Ceremonial Grade Powder

Easy Instant Mix - Raw Cacao - Ceremonial Grade Powder

Preparing a cup of hot chocolate or creating a raw cacao ceremony has never been easier. This ceremonial-grade, easy-to-use cacao blend is raw, pure, nutritious, and delicious!

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Rich Heritage & Quality Perfect for Cacao Ceremonies Nutrient-Dense Superfood

Raw cacao instant mix 

Our raw cacao instant mix contains a 100% Raw Ceremonial Cacao Blend in powder form. Imagine you are craving a heartwarming cup of cacao… and all you have to do is heat up water or your choice of milk, and the rest is already taken care of. The experts of Next Level Lifestyle Store have made all of this possible for you.


Our raw cacao instant mix is very easy in use

The organic, ceremonial-grade blend in our raw cacao instant mix is easy to use and enriched with delicious spices. All you have to do is combine this raw cacao powder mix with your choice of hot milk or hot water and enjoy! Perfect for cacao ceremonies and cosy nights when simplicity and ease are desired.

Delicious Raw Cacao Blend with Spices

Made from Peruvian Cold Pressed Cacao Paste and already enhanced with mouthwatering cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, gentle chilli, vanilla, and other taste-bud tantalizing ingredients, this organic Raw Cacao 'instant' blend is also delicious when used in other recipes or as a topping for your morning cereal! Energizing, mood-boosting and beneficial in so many ways, raw cacao is the preferred choice of Amazonian tribes and health enthusiasts alike. And what's more, the spices used enhance the absorption of the active ingredients in the cacao - so they enhance your cacao experience.

The raw cacao paste used for this blend is the unprocessed form of cacao, produced by crushing unroasted cocao beans with a stone mill. It contains beneficial cacao antioxidants, 'love chemicals' and delicious aromas and is loved by fans of pure taste and real chocolate lovers who prefer unprocessed quality to enjoy their cacao experience.

Love from Peru

The certified organic raw cacao we use in our instant mix is sold directly by farmer cooperatives in the Peruvian Amazon region and ethically harvested from permaculture. The bitterness, unique earthiness and flowery aromas of this much-loved ingredient make your taste buds come alive. Discover the intense aromas and superfood qualities of our organic raw cacao products for yourself - and by doing so, you support the farmers of the region!

Order your cacao mix today 

Order your raw cacao instant mix today, pour some hot water or milk and start enjoying! If you decide to order your raw cacao instant mix, or other psychedelics and natural enhancing products from us, we deliver your package in a completely discrete way. When in doubt or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 


Raw cacao mass*, coconut blossom sugar*, poppy seed*, chillies*, tonka beans*, salt*, Ceylon cinnamon*, nutmeg*, cardamom*, vanilla*.
* = Certified Organic Ingredient

Recommended storage
After opening, store at room temperature and in a dry place.