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Limited Edition


Welcome to Next Level Smart's collection of Limited Edition Rapé. We believe in the spiritual and subtle changing power of these sacred shamanic tools which has been used by indigenous energy workers for thousands of years. Our handcrafted blends are made with the finest ingredients and are from the Yawanawa Tribe.

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63 Yawanawa Hukena Rapé LIMITED EDITION

Price €22.31
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This rapé is made by a young woman shaman named Hukena Yawanawa. Hukena Yawanawa is one of the youngest of her people to be initiated into one of the most profound spiritual diets of this tradition.

64 Yawanawa Pai Nani Rapé LIMITED EDITION

Price €22.31

Allow yourself to be immersed in a world of sacred, potent herbs with this powerful blend crafted by Nani Kateyuve, a master of the Yawanawa tribes' traditional knowledge.

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72 Shanenawa Tsunu Rapé LIMITED EDITION

Price €22.31

The Shanenawa Tsunu Rapé Limited Edition, crafted by the Shanenawa tribe, also known as the Katukina do Juruá, is a unique blend of Moi rope and Tsunu ashes.


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