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Heatingmats - Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

Price €11.16

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits need a room temperature between 18-28°C during cultivation. Magic Mushrooms can grow perfectly between 20-24°C degrees. It is reported that a constant temperature of 24°C is the optimal temperature for the mushrooms to grow. During cold days, you can use a heating mat to maintain a steady room temperature. 

Mushroom Trip Stopper - 1 person

Price €2.06

Our Trip Stopper is the perfect for a safegaurd against a trip which is too strong or too heavy. Calm your body and mind with Valerian and add some dextrose for the trip. Dextrose reduces the effects of the trip. Content: 2 dextro tablets and 2 Valerian capsules.

Spray Bottle

Price €2.89

Simple spray bottle for spraying the inside of the Grow Kit plastic bag. Made of tough plastic with a nozzle. You will receive a random color.


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