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We proudly introduce our HHC collection, an innovative line that combines the potency of hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) with delicious flavors and easy consumption.

HHC is an emerging cannabinoid that's gaining popularity for its unique properties. It offers an activating, slightly euphoric, and intoxicating experience, similar to THC but with its own distinctive characteristics. Our HHC products are carefully crafted to ensure stability, potency, and consistency.

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HHC Gummies 50mg

Price €6.61

Our HHC Gummies are packed with 50mg of HHC each, making them a powerful option for anyone looking to experience the effects of this unique cannabinoid. They taste great and are easy to take with you wherever you go, without drawing any unwanted attention. But be careful – these gummies are stronger than they look! Each pack comes with 2 or 10 gummies, so you'll have plenty to enjoy or share with your buddies.

HHC Chocoloco Chocolates 50mg

Price €4.96

Our HHC Chocolates are made with the finest Callebaut chocolate and offer the ultimate chocolate indulgence. They are enriched with 50mg HHC per piece.

HHC Hash Brownie 150mg

Price €8.22

Experience the potent effects of HHC with our delicious Spacecake Hash Brownies. Let yourself be carried away by the intense flavors and enjoy responsibly!

HHC Lollipops 70mg

Price €14.83

Our HHC Lollipops contain 70mg HHC per piece and have a strong effect. Each lollipop has a different flavor and color!

HHC Gummies 25mg (10 pcs.)

Price €14.83

Our HHC Gummies contain 25mg HHC each, are deliciously flavored, and easy and discreet to take anywhere. Don't underestimate their effects! This package contains 10 pieces.

Discover our HHC Gummies, available in a variety of enticing flavors. Each gummy contains a precisely dosed amount of HHC, making it easy to tailor your experience. Whether you prefer fruity notes or classic flavors, our gummies offer a discreet and delicious way to enjoy HHC.

For lovers of sweet treats, we also offer our HHC Chocoloco Chocolates. Made with the finest Callebaut chocolate, these bonbons deliver a decadent and potent HHC experience. With 50mg HHC per piece, they're perfect for both experienced users and those interested in microdosing.

Our HHC Spacecake Brownie is a tribute to the classic space cake, but with an HHC twist. Each brownie contains 150mg HHC and offers an irresistibly creamy and delicious experience. Be aware of the strong effects - these brownies are mainly suitable for experienced users.

Prefer to grow your own cannabis? Check out our extensive selection of cannabis seeds from Inner Earth Seeds. We offer a wide range of strains, including classics, CBD-rich varieties, and the latest hybrids. With our high-quality seeds and expert guidance, you can cultivate your own HHC-rich cannabis plants and enjoy a unique seed-to-consumption experience.


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