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About Us

Next Level was founded in August 2013 by the 2 founders after a special Ayahuasca ceremony. This made it clear that Next Level will actually take a physical form. From that moment on, everything went really fast. The right building was waiting for it day after. September 2013 was so far, Next Level was born!

Next Level Lifestyle Store

Our vision for the store was already clear: a shop with a special visitor experience that also serves as a meeting place for everyone in the Zwolle region  (the Neterlands)  who lives from a subculture or specific life belief that does not completely comply with the standard norm. A small haven for musicians, artists and freewayers to connect, share and just hang out. We are blessed with these beautiful people that we can meet through our store.

Next Level has grown into the store that it is right now, by customer demand. We always listen to the needs of the customer and play into wherever possible,. The shop is a true museum where artists have made art that turned into the decoration and it is a platform for DJs / producers to show their arts on weekends. Slowly, many of these artists became friends of the store. Also, the store feels like a second home for many customers. That's how everyone contributed a bit to what Next Level is now and we all form the Next Level Community.

Take a look inside the wonderworld of Next Level Lifestyle Store!

Webshop Next Level

To expand our range beyond Zwolle and its surroundings to international proportions, Next Level's webshop has become a reality since November 2016. First of all, contact with the customer: personal contact via chat, telephone and e-mail. We know that good customer experience is very important for everyone. We always seek for the highest quality products with the best support possible.

NLNaturals Wholesale
NLNaturals has been started by the need of the Next Level community for new natural products. NLNaturals has been growing and growing since. With our own line of Smudging herbs, Kanna, LSA Seeds, Kratom, Rapé, Cacao and more. NLNaturals is the natural line of G-Force Jungle Powder on the market. A natural product available as snuff and in capsules. Both the Euphoric and Energy are energizers and mood enhancers. 

Sponsoring Foundations

Next Level actively contributes to the support of a great foundation. This implies that we donate a percentage of profits to this organization, thereby directly supporting their work. This first organization is called Green Matters, a foundation dedicated to the conservation of the rainforest. They do this by supporting the indigenous people in maintaining their knowledge and traditions and helping in the conversion of medicinal plants that provide them with their maintenance.

Next Level 2.0

In the coming years, we hope to continue to develop beautiful things and grow to expand our mission and vision further. Next Level will also be more frequent present at festivals. The first festival was Living Village festival in Dalfsen, the largest eco festival in the Netherlands. More about The Living Village Festival:

Information Next Level Webshop

Next Level
Telfordstraat 35A 8013 RL Zwolle
Telephone number: +31(0)38 2001004
KVK: 65032454
BTW: NL855954188B01

Bank Information

Name: NLNaturals
IBAN: NL51INGB0008958604

Information Next Level Lifestyle Store

Next Level
Steenstraat 22 8011 TV Zwolle
Telephone number: +31(0)38 737 0224