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Many ayahuasca ceremonies involve the use of chakapas. This is up to the shaman. Some use chakapas, and some don't. Chakapa is Quechua for rattle or shaker. These are typically made from the leaves of Pariana bush. When shaken, a chakapa makes a rushing sound. In ceremony, a shaman will shake a chakapa rhythmically, often for the entirety of the ceremony. The chakapa creates a delightful auditory effect and is used to move energy. The shaman sings Icaros and shakes the chakapa to the beat. Our Chakapas are handmade and can differ slightly from the product image. If you have any perticular wishes, let us know so we can get to a solution together. 

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Chakapas - Large with Shipibo design

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Chakapa is Quechua for rattle or shaker. They are generally made from the leaves of the Pariana bush. A chakapa has two functions as an instrument, namely as a rhythmic instrument and as a healing instrument. Handgrip colours vary. 40x45cm


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