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Kuntanawa Black Bird Kuripe

Price €28.93

Beautiful hand-made Black Bird Kuripe by the Kuntanawa Tribe of the Amazonian Rain Forest. This beautiful bird shaped Kuripe is made out of bamboo. Every one of them is unique. Because of its uniqueness, the Kuripes will vary in shape. Ad this piece of art to your Kuripe collection.

Traditional Kuripe - plain, gem or bone

Price €28.93

Beautifully handcrafted Kuripe. This Kuripe is made from bamboo. You can choose between plain, with a gem or bone and different colors. The kuripes have different patterns and not one is the same. 

02 Kuripe - Applicator - Plain

Price €10.70

Handmade Kuripe without decorations. It is made from bamboo and it's easy to carry while traveling and also very easy to clean!

Tepi Applicator Plain

Price €16.49

Handmade Tepi of Bamboo. Created with care, attention and love.

Tepi Applicator Plain short

Price €15.29

Handmade Tepi made of Bamboo. This is a short version, it's more sturdy and great for traveling. Created with care, attention and love.


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