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Wooden Pipes


Our wooden pipes are sturdy, affordable, and lend a pleasantly rustic aesthetic to your smoking experience. For those looking for modern properties with their wooden pipes, you will find plenty of new-fangled innovations carrying this classic design into the future.

Why Use a Wooden Pipe?

A wooden pipe gives a few unique elements to the smoking experience. Not only does it add a bit of class to your smoking, it also has its own effect on your smoking journey.

Wooden pipes impart a certain earthy aroma as the smoke is drawn through the wood. Because the wooden bowl can sometimes burn slightly, wooden pipes add a gentle flavoring to your smoking material.

This smooth, natural flavor is sought after by wooden pipe aficionados. Some swear by it!

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Wooden Smoking Pipe - 13cm

Price €6.20

Hand carved small pipe for smoking those beautiful herbs. The wood gives a nice little bit of extra taste and smell to what you smoke. All natural!


Wooden Smoking Pipe - 8.5cm

Price €4.55

A great little wooden two-piece pipe. The bowl can be screwed on/off for easy cleaning. Length: 8,5cm


Hybrid Pipe Animal - Misc. colors

Price €24.38

The finest exotic wooden pipes from America using Brazilian Tulipwood, Brazilian Kingwood, Honduras Rosewood, Cocobolo wood, Ziracote Wood and more. These imaginative design pipes are all handcrafted, earth friendly, made of high quality wood and are build to last.



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