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11 Rapé Katukina – Tsunu - Rapé - Next Level
Rapé 11 Tsunu from the Katukina Tribe € 22,00 Next Level Webshop

11 Rapé Katukina – Tsunu

The Katukina Tsunu Rapé is made from a carefully selected blend of powerful plants and ashes, this Rapé has been crafted with the utmost care by the Katukina tribe.

10g [Jar]
50 grams [bulk]
100 grams [bulk]
500 grams (bulk)

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Rapé Katukina – Tsunu: Ancient Wisdom in Every Breath

Discover the profound power of Rapé Katukina – Tsunu, a sacred blend rooted in Amazonian tradition. At its core lies the revered Tsunu ash, an ingredient cherished by indigenous tribes for generations. The Katukina people have masterfully harnessed this ash's potency, creating a unique Rapé experience that transcends the ordinary.

This exceptional blend is renowned for its ability to open chakras and harmonize energies, aiming to balance body and soul. As you embrace the Katukina Tsunu Rapé, you may find yourself thriving on both physical and spiritual planes, unlocking new dimensions of well-being.

The Katukina Tribe: Guardians of Ancient Wisdom

Nestled in Brazil's Acre state, the Katukina tribe boasts a rich cultural heritage. With several hundred members, they are celebrated for their profound knowledge of shamanic practices, including the art of Rapé and the healing power of kambo (tree frog) ceremonies.

The name 'Katukina', bestowed upon them by outsiders, holds no meaning in their native tongue. This vibrant community is composed of six main clans, each with its own unique identity:

  • Varinawa (People of the Sun)
  • Kamanawa (People of the Jaguar)
  • Satanawa (People of the Otter)
  • Waninawa (People of the Peachpalm)
  • Nainawa (People of the Sky)
  • Numanawa (People of the Dove)

Despite facing hardships during the 18th-century rubber boom, the Katukina have shown remarkable resilience. Today, their culture thrives, with about half the tribe also speaking Portuguese. In a beautiful blend of traditions, children receive both a Katukina and a Portuguese name.

Vete: A Unique Katukina Tradition

The Katukina's 'vete' or 'jests' tradition offers a fascinating glimpse into their social fabric. This playful gathering sees men and women engage in a spirited game of taunting and fruit-stealing. The event culminates when the village's elder women claim all the sugarcanes or papayas, symbolizing their role as the community's food keepers.

More than just a game, 'vete' serves as a vital social platform, facilitating flirtation and matchmaking among unmarried tribe members. It's a vibrant celebration of Katukina culture and community bonds.

By choosing Rapé Katukina – Tsunu, you're not just acquiring a product; you're supporting the Katukina tribe and helping preserve their rich cultural heritage. Experience the wisdom of the Amazon with every breath, and connect with an ancient tradition that continues to thrive in the modern world.