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In addition to the original Florida Water from Peru, we also have other spiritual colognes in our range. All colognes are mainly used to cleanse people and the atmosphere energetically. Clean your aura and feel the energy!

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Agua Sacral - Sacred Cleansing Water

Price €16.49

A powerful spiritual cleansing water used in shamanic practices to activate high frequencies, create sacred spaces, and connect with higher realms.

Florida Water - Original from Peru

Price €11.53

Original Florida Water from Peru, used in rituals, shamanism, and occult practices for cleansing and protection. Experience its deep, soft, and magical scent.

Agua Sacral Mini Spray - 50 ML

Price €5.74

Agua Sacral, the new Florida Water! It has the same effect as Florida Water, but energetically stronger and more powerful! 


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