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White Kratom


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Here you will find our selection of white kratom varieties. We offer only the highest quality kratom by fully controlling the production process, from growth in Indonesia to processing in our factory. Each batch is checked in our test lab for quality. We can offer low prices by purchasing directly from the farmers, without middlemen. Kratom is not on the list of approved novel foods and novel food ingredients (Regulation (EC) No. 258/97), therefore, we do not sell Kratom for human consumption. If you buy these products, be aware that these restrictions apply.

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Kratom Super White Sumatra

Price €6.82

White Sumatra, renowned in the world of kratom for its distinctive character, offers a unique experience for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Its distinctiveness lies not only in its origin but also in its beautiful appearance and texture, which makes it a popular strain.


Kratom Super Maeng Da White

Price €6.82

Each leaf of our Super Maeng Da White invites you on a journey to the dense forests and vibrancy of Southeast Asia. Beyond just a strain, it's a cultural experience, cherished and shared by generations. Embark on an authentic Southeast Asian experience with Kratom Super Maeng Da White. A strain that epitomizes tradition, quality, and regional pride.


Kratom - Maeng Da White Crushed Leaves

Price €11.98

Every pinch of our crushed Super Maeng Da White leaves transports you to the dense forests and lively essence of Southeast Asia. More than just a strain, it encapsulates a shared cultural journey revered across generations. Dive into a genuine Southeast Asian tradition with our crushed Kratom Super Maeng Da White leaves, embodying age-old tradition, premium quality, and regional pride.

100g or 1kg

Kratom Extract - NRG 80mg (Extreme Gold)

Price €10.33
Out of Stock

Unveiling the epitome of potency: our Kratom Extract 'Extreme Gold'. Boasting a highly concentrated 80mg Mitragynine content, this extract parallels the essence of 8 grams of finely pulverized kratom leaf.

Kratom Kratom White Sumatra  € 7,95 Next Level Smartshop Webshop
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Kratom Super White Sumatra

Form: Powder
Origin: Indonesia
Price €6.82


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