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Cannabis Incense


Dive into the mesmerizing realm of Sagrada Madre's Cannabis Incense, designed to take your high to new heights and chill your vibe. Our incense comes in two killer blends: Purple Hindu Kush and Lemon Haze, each promising a wicked sensory journey. Carefully crafted, every stick of Sagrada Madre's Incense is a dope fusion of sweet, earthy scents, laced with extracted terpenes from the Purple Hindu Kush and Lemon Haze strains.

These terpenes bring out the full flavor without the typical smell of weed, delivering a pure and light aroma that wraps you in a mellow haze.

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Lemon Haze - Cannabis Incense

Price €6.82

Our Lemon Haze Cannabis Incense captures the essence of Lemon Haze in a light and pure aroma, featuring sweet, spicy, and earthy notes with subtle hints of citrus, cannabis, and green tea. This provides a refined scent experience that not only fills the space with pleasant aromas but also stimulates creativity and brings a sense of energy and serenity.

Purple Hindu Kush - Cannabis Incense

Price €6.82

Experience the allure of our Purple Hindu Kush Cannabis Incense, which upon lighting, releases a balanced blend of earthy and sweet aromas with notes of cherries and almonds. Thanks to Sagrada Madre's expert composition using only natural components, you'll enjoy a light smoke experience that encourages relaxation and tranquility.


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