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Metal Pipes

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Metal / Rose Wood Pipe

Price €6.20

A great little pipe for on the go made from metal and Rosewood. The bowl can be screwed on/off for easy cleaning and has a top that can be screwed of. Length: 7,5cm


Brass pipe - 9cm

Price €6.20

This slim and small pipe made completely of brass easily fits in every pocket or bag. It is a perfect companion for on the go smoking. To avoid pollution and inhalation of ashes it is recommended to use a mesh screen.

Metal wood pipe with chamber

Price €5.37

A beautiful pipe made from wood and metal with chamber. Wood bowl included. A great pipe for a smoke on the road or at home!


Twister Pipe - Large

Price €9.95

A pipe with a twist! Enjoy your smoke while bending your pipe so you can have (literally) cool experience. Size: Medium


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