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Since the beginning of human civilization, humans have utilized plants as medicine, because plants were believed to have healing properties. Ethnobotany is the studies of the complex relationship between plants and cultures. In our Ethnobotanical shop you can discover leaves and seeds from plants which have medicinal or ceremonial uses. Ethnobotanists explore how plants were used for such things as food, shelter, medicine, clothing and religious ceremonies.

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Syrian Rue - Harmala seeds

Price €4.13

These small and brown seeds contain harmine and other harmala alkaloids. It is one of the plants speculated to be the Soma or Haoma of ancient Persia.

MAO Inhibitor

Caapi Tincture Drops 40:1 Extract · Red

Price €22.73

Very strong Caapi Tincture: 40x extract - Muricata / Red. Unique full spectrum Banisteriopsis caapi extract. The tincture of the total plant alkaloid extract (40:1) is made from Banisteriopsis caapi from Peru. 

Muricata / Red
MAO Inhibitor
Syrian Rue Syrian Rue - Harmala seeds  € 4,50 Next Level Smartshop Webshop
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Syrian Rue - Harmala seeds

Effect: MAO Inhibitor
Origin: India
Price €4.13


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