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13 Rapé Relax - Passionflower - Rapé - Next Level
13 Rapé Relax - Passionflower

13 Rapé Relax - Passionflower

Rapé Relax is a carefully formulated blend of Passionflower and Tsunu ash from the Katukina Tribe. It is great for going to sleep and for lucid dreaming.

10g [Jar]
50 grams [bulk]
100 grams [bulk]
500 grams (bulk)

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Rapé Relax - Passion Flower

Rapé Relax with Passionflower from the Katukina Tribe is specially formulated to provide a calming effect that is perfect for bedtime and for inducing lucid dreams. The combination of Tsunu ash and Passionflower creates a harmonious blend that promotes tranquility and clarity.

Rapé is a sacred shamanic ‘medicine’ used by tribal healers for thousands of years, an essential part of their culture and history. Rapé (pronounced Ha-pee) is ideal for ceremonies such as Ayahuasca or other Forest Medicines. It is also known as the ‘Dust of the Ancients’. Rapé blends are made according to traditional recipes protected by respected medicine men and women. The local people use rapé for clarity, focus, spiritual cleansing, gaining insight, clearing negative thoughts, and assisting with daily tasks.


In our journey to create a sustainable product, we chose to use glass bottles instead of plastic ones. We strive to minimize plastic waste, so we ask everyone to keep and reuse the delivered Rapé jars for other purposes.