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7 Chakra Incense

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7 Chakra Smudgebombs

Price €5.17

Unveiling the 7 Chakra Smudge Bombs: a carefully crafted set designed for a seven-day exploration and healing of your chakras. Each chakra ball is uniquely infused with its distinct scent, colour, and ingredients tailored to resonate with and support a specific chakra. These balls vary from the grounding red Root Chakra with a camphor scent for security, to the transcendent violet Crown Chakra, accentuated by roses and frankincense to nurture spirituality.

Incense qualities: 7 Chakras, Consciousness, Healing, and Purifying.

7 Chakra Incense

Price €10.33

The 7 Chakra Cleansing set features a remarkable array of seven chakra incenses, each crafted to cleanse, fortify, and shield each respective energy chakra. Colour-coded for ease of identification, every incense stick embodies a unique blend of flowers, herbs, and resins tailored to purify its designated chakra. Each scent carries a melody of soft fragrances, ranging from fruity and floral to herbal, all subtly infused with notes of forest, resin, and warm wood tones.

Incense qualities: 7 Chakras, Consciousness, Healing, and Purifying.


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