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Smudging Sticks


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Smudge Stick - Myrrh and Palo Santo

Price €17.77

The Sagrada Madre Palo Santo & Myrrh Smudge Stick is a harmonious blend of hand-rolled bay leaves, eucalyptus, and cedar wrapped tightly in palo santo and myrrh, providing a potent combination for cleansing, protection, and harmony, making it an essential tool for rituals centered around rebirth, security, and attracting positive energy.

Incense qualities:  Rebirth, Supporting, Uplifting, and Purifying


Smudge Stick - White Yagra

Price €17.77

The Purifying & Protecting White Yagra smudge stick is a hand-rolled blend of bay leaves, eucalyptus, and cedar wrapped in authentic Peruvian copal, offering a potent incense bundle that dispels negative energies and fosters a spiritual connection. 

Incense qualities:  Protecting, Purifying, Abundance, and Fortune

Smudge Stick - Copal

Price €17.77

Introducing an artisan-crafted, purifying and protecting incense smudge stick using authentic copal resin, bound bay leaves, eucalyptus, and cedar. This potent incense stick delivers a warm, spicy, earthy, and subtly sweet aroma. The fusion of natural ingredients serves as a powerful tool for enhancing clarity, spurring creativity, and purifying spaces from unwanted energies.

Incense qualities:  Purifying, Clarity, and Creativity


Set of 5 Smudge Sticks - Herbs and Sacred Woods

Price €18.80
Out of Stock

This diverse set offers a range of characteristics from establishing connection and fostering creativity to encouraging spiritual growth. Whether you're new to smudging or a seasoned practitioner, this versatile set promises to be an enriching addition to your holistic rituals.

Incense qualities: Protection, Connection, Purification, Grounding, Cleansing.

Smudge stick XL - Energetic Cleansing

Price €6.82

Elevate your environment with our specially crafted smudge stick, designed for the energetic purification of people and spaces. This carefully hand-rolled bundle combines the protective and cleansing properties of organic sage, cedar, bay leaf, eucalyptus, and Jarilla, creating a perfect balance that both eliminates negative energy and invites positivity.

Incense qualities:  Purifying, Cleansing, Harmonizing

Smudge Stick - Copal
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Smudge Stick - Copal

Theme: Abundance, Protecting
Price €17.77


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