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Discover Mad Honey - The Hallucinogenic Honey from Nepal

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Step into the enchanting world of Mad Honey, a unique and wild honey harvested in the pristine heights of the Nepalese Himalayas. This special honey, locally known as 'Mad Honey', has an adventurous twist that regular honey does not have. In this blog, we will tell you everything about this hallucinogenic honey and its effects.

What is Mad Honey?

Mad Honey is a rare type of honey collected at the impressive height of 3000 meters in the remote mountain areas of Nepal. This honey is distinctive because it is made from the nectar of rhododendron flowers, which contain special substances that cause mild trip-like effects. Rhododendron plants only bloom at high altitudes. The harvest of Mad Honey requires courage, as beekeepers use traditional and often dangerous methods to reach the overhanging cliffs where the honeycombs are located. The first thing you notice when you taste the honey is the delicious, rich flavor that is clearly different from other types of honey.
mad honey hunters in the himalayas

How is Mad Honey made?

The magic of Mad Honey begins with the rhododendron flowers. These flowers contain nectar with grayanotoxins, which, when collected by bees, result in a honey with unique properties. The bees bring the nectar back to their hives where honey is made from it. Because the rhododendron only blooms in a specific period, only a limited amount of Mad Honey can be harvested in a season. Did you know that Mad Honey is made by the world's largest honeybee, the Himalayan giant honeybee?

Is Mad Honey good for you?

The effects of Mad Honey range from mildly euphoric and relaxing to potentially hallucinogenic at higher doses. These effects are due to the presence of grayanotoxins. In addition, the natural sugars, enzymes, amino acids, and other compounds in the honey are said to have a range of benefits. Although Mad Honey is valued in traditional medicine for its purported healing properties, it is important to be cautious with consumption and to be aware of the potential risks. The European Union sets strict rules on health claims, so unfortunately we cannot and may not mention medical benefits without scientific support. We advise you to search the internet if you are interested in the health benefits of Mad Honey.

Mad Honey Effects

Consuming Mad Honey can lead to a unique, psychedelic experience, with users reporting a variety of sensations, from a light buzz to mild hallucinations. The intensity of these effects depends on the dose and individual sensitivity. It is important to always take small amounts and observe your personal reaction. Most users report a nice, carefree high at a normal dose. The effects are somewhat similar to those of alcohol, but noticeably different.

Usage and Dosage in Practice

Using Mad Honey requires respect and caution. Maintaining a low dosage is important to test your body's response. For therapeutic purposes, a small amount is also often recommended. For those seeking a deeper, possibly psychedelic experience, the dose can be cautiously increased, but at your own risk, always taking into account personal tolerance and reaction. Due to the high concentration of fructose and water, Mad Honey is actually a bit more liquid than regular honey, but this does not detract from its delicious taste.

Is Mad Honey Safe?

Although Mad Honey has intriguing and potentially beneficial effects, it is crucial to use the honey with respect and knowledge. Consuming too large amounts can lead to negative side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, and in rare cases more serious health problems. It is therefore important to strictly adhere to the recommended dosages and always listen to your body.

Buy Mad Honey

Curious about Mad Honey and want to try it yourself? At Next Level, you buy the real Mad Honey from Nepal, pure, unheated, and wild harvested. Twice a year, the honey hunters of the Gurung tribes collect this wild raw honey. For thousands of years, both local residents and Ayurvedic doctors have been using this Mad Honey.

mad honey hunters in nepal

This raw, exotic, and tonic honey is the result of life-threatening, adventurous honey hunts. The world's largest honeybees, the Himalayan Giant Honeybees (Apis Dorsata Laboriosa), gather nectar from the delicate blossoms of rhododendrons and other wild flowers in the forests of the Annapurna and Manaslu Himalayan regions in Nepal, which are rich in medicinal plants. The wild honeybees create beehives on the overhanging cliffs of the high mountains.

Harvesting Mad Honey is more than just a way to collect honey; it is a deeply rooted cultural practice, surrounded by traditions and rituals passed down from generation to generation. The beekeepers, who risk their lives by climbing high cliffs, also maintain themselves and their family with the harvest. The harvesting of Mad Honey is not only a test of courage and skill but also a spiritual act that is done with respect for nature and its cycles.