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Frankincense Copal Resin (Protium Amazónico) 25 - 50 gram - Smudging & Incense - Next Level
Smudging & Incense Wierookhars Copal (Protium Amazónico) 25 - 50 gram € 3,75

Frankincense Copal Resin (Protium Amazónico) 25 - 50 gram

Experience a grounding effect while burning this musky, smokey, and lightly sweet Frankincense black Copal Resin. This fragrant resin is perfect for chakra and energy work.

25 grams
50 grams

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Incense resin Copal (Protium Amazónico)

What is Copal?
Black copal is an aromatic resin of the kopalboom (Burseraceae family) and gets sources from South America. There are several types of Copal; black Copal, white Copal, and gold Copal. The black Copal is said to be the best in terms of fragrance. The Mayans have burned over 2000 years of copper and considered this resin to be an extraordinary sacred gift for their gods.

Copal is used to cleanse the space and crystals. Shamans used the smoke to get into a trance state.

As Copal opens the heart and the throat chakra, it has a loving and purifying effect. It gives a very earthy and grounding energy that helps in transformation processes. It also has a positive effect on the immune system. You only need a small amount of it, and it will burn for a long time. Suitable for burning on charcoal and on special sieve incense burners.

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