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Resin incense is incense in its most pure and natural form. Made from small beads of hardened tree saps such as styrax, copal, and dammar, it has the most amazing scents you will ever experience. Imbued with essential oils, dried flower petals, and wood chips, it has many fragrant variations to match your taste. See our resin incense selection here!

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Explore this floral resin Storax incense with its sweet almond undertones. Its aroma is said to offer protection and a sense of calm, safety, and loyalty in the space it is being burnt.


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This deep, smokey, mystical amber resin incense brings out willpower, determination, confidence, and the ability to lead. It can be used for meditation, rituals, and ceremonies to cleanse and purify the air.


Price €4.34

This special blend of 4 fragrant resins is carefully selected and mixed according to old traditions. Experience true serenity and surrender to a meditative, tranquil state of being.

Frankincense Copal Resin (Protium Amazónico) 25...

Price €4.92
Not available

Experience a grounding effect while burning this musky, smokey, and lightly sweet Frankincense black Copal Resin. This fragrant resin is perfect for chakra and energy work.


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