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Critical Autoflower Feminized - Inner Earth Seeds - Next Level
Critical Autoflower Feminized

Critical Autoflower Feminized

Critical Autoflower is a low-maintenance and mold-resistant autoflower hybrid with a fruity terpene profile and a high yield. This strain thrives in warm climates and is an excellent choice for novice growers. From seed to harvest it takes only 70-84 days and the plant is ideal for the Dutch outdoor climate. Smoking this strain gives a happy and creative feeling, making it perfect for artists, musicians and readers.

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Critical Autoflower Feminized

Are you looking for an easy-to-grow strain with huge yields? Look no further than Critical Autoflower, the most popular and productive strain in Spain. With her strong resistance, this low-maintenance cultivar is extremely reliable outdoors, making her a must-have for novice growers and those looking for an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance autoflower hybrid. Critical Autoflower is an excellent performer in all climates and thrives particularly well in warmer weather. From seed to harvest, most plants are ready in 70-84 days. We recommend planting this strain outdoors from early May to late July for best results and to face the plants south to capture as much sunlight as possible and grow huge buds. What really sets this strain apart is its mold resistance. She is an excellent choice for growers dealing with variable weather conditions and challenging climates, ideal for the Dutch outdoor climate as she gains weight during flowering without the worry of mold. With her extremely high yields, fruity terpene profile and easy-to-grow nature, Critical Autoflower is a great choice for several growers and hobbyists. Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, expect impressive results with this versatile strain. After smoking a joint you experience a happy and creative feeling that is very social and puts you in a dreamy state that is a combination of happy, alert and relaxed. Critical Autoflower is perfect for creative individuals, artists, musicians or those who like to dive into a good book.

Height: 90 to 100 cm

Taste: sweet, tropical, fruity, earth

Effect: dreamy, social, mix active and relaxed, creative

Flowering time: 10 – 12 weeks after germination

Yield indoors: 425 grams per m²

Yield outdoors: 125 grams per plant


THC Dominant

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