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Lemon Haze - Cannabis Incense - Cannabis Incense - Next Level
Lemon Haze - Cannabis Incense

Lemon Haze - Cannabis Incense

Our Lemon Haze Cannabis Incense captures the essence of Lemon Haze in a light and pure aroma, featuring sweet, spicy, and earthy notes with subtle hints of citrus, cannabis, and green tea. This provides a refined scent experience that not only fills the space with pleasant aromas but also stimulates creativity and brings a sense of energy and serenity.

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Handmade with precision and care Enriched with Cannabis Terpenes All-Natural Product

Lemon Haze Incense - Sagrada Madre

Experience the charm of our Lemon Haze Cannabis Incense. This incense has been specially formulated to capture the essence of Lemon Haze without overwhelming the space. Upon lighting, the sweet, spicy, and earthy aroma is immediately noticeable, yet surprisingly light and pure. Expect no heavy smoke or joint-like odor; instead, it offers a balanced blend of pleasant, natural aromas, filling the space with delightful scents.

The terpenes from Lemon Haze in this incense provide a sweet, earthy scent with pleasant notes of subtle citrus, cannabis, and green tea. The effects are creative, stimulating, and energetic, fitting the characteristics of a Sativa. The aroma is floral and spicy, offering a unique scent experience that is both refreshing and inspiring.

Fragrant Notes

  • Sweet without being heavy
  • Spicy and earthy
  • Subtle hints of cannabis, citrus, and green tea
  • Pure and light


Each box contains 6 sticks, each good for about 60 minutes of burn time. They are meticulously composed of fruit biomass, supplemented with essential oils, cannabis terpenes, natural charcoal, a natural binder, and salt, ensuring an authentic experience.

A Purely Natural Product

Our Lemon Haze Cannabis Incense is of pure natural quality, free from synthetic additives or scents. This results in a softer, more inviting smoke than you might be used to from other incense. Each stick is hand-rolled in Argentina according to artisanal traditions.

Discover Sagrada Madre: Innovative Incense and Smudge Products

The products from Sagrada Madre are unique. This is evident in the appearance of the incense itself, which is natural, somewhat rough, and handmade. But it's especially the scent that stands out: full, authentic, and accompanied by beautiful white smoke. Sagrada Madre means "holy mother earth" and is an Argentine family business focused on conscious agriculture, organic products, and fair and sustainable work. The company also has its own project to replant Palo Santo trees in their natural vegetation in South America.

In collaboration with Sagrada Madre Netherlands