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70 Authentic Rapé - Yawanawa Tsunu de Samanda - Authentic Rapé - Next Level
70 Authentic Rapé - Yawanawa Tsunu de Samanda

70 Authentic Rapé - Yawanawa Tsunu de Samanda

The Authentic Rapé - Yawanawa Tsunu de Samanda is a powerful and uplifting rapé crafted by Yawanawa leader Samanda, an expert rapé maker from the Humaita River in Acre.

10g [Jar]

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Authentic Rapé - Yawanawa Tsunu de Samanda

Introducing the Authentic Rapé - Yawanawa Tsunu de Samanda, a unique blend meticulously crafted by the esteemed Yawanawa leader Samanda, who resides along the Humaita River in Acre. Recognized as an expert rapé maker, Samanda brings her profound wisdom and deep spiritual practices to the creation of this rapé. Made from Moi rope grown in her village and Tsunu ashes, this rapé is known for its healing properties and is prepared following long diets and blessing chantings, offering a transformative experience.

Following traditional methods, including long diets and sacred chantings, Samanda prepares this rapé with great care and intention. The main ingredients are Moi tobacco, cultivated and harvested with respect in her village, and the potent Tsunu ashes. This combination results in a rapé that offers a powerful, uplifting experience, known for its ability to cure and transform the user's state of mind and spirit.

Samanda's dedication to her craft and her community is evident in every aspect of this rapé. Her meticulous approach, combining traditional knowledge with spiritual practices, ensures the authenticity and potency of the product. Embrace the opportunity to experience a piece of the Yawanawa heritage through the Authentic Rapé - Yawanawa Tsunu de Samanda.

Each purchase of the Authentic Rapé - Yawanawa Tsunu de Samanda supports the Yawanawa community and their traditions. By choosing this rapé, you are not only receiving a product of exceptional quality but also contributing to the preservation of indigenous knowledge and practices. Experience this rapé to connect with the ancient wisdom and healing power of the Yawanawa people.

About our Authentic Rapé

Our trailblazing new line of 'Authentic Rapé' stands as a testament to the remarkable connection we've fostered with the tribes of the Amazon jungle, the true guardians of this ancient art. Journey with us to the heart of the rainforest, where we have humbly embraced the wisdom and traditions passed down through generations. Working hand-in-hand with these indigenous communities, we have been granted the extraordinary privilege of receiving this Rapé directly from the very hands that lovingly craft it.

 Handmade by Tribal Medicine People  Crafted According to Ancient Recipes  Supports the Local Tribes  Purity and Potency Guaranteed


Glass bottle with 10 grams of Rapé