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This Black Friday, indulge in the luxury of spiritual excellence, available to you at an exclusive discounted price. Seize the chance to own these treasures of enlightenment—the gateway to a transformative voyage awaits. This is a collection of our finest rapés, handpicked for the discerning seeker. Ignite your inner journey with the celebrated Rapé Jurema, whose potent energy promises to elevate and empower. Delve into the sacred with the Yawanawa Pai Nani Rapé, a rare gem that offers a clear and grounding embrace. Sharpen your intellect with the revered Yawanawa Kanaro, a blend that resonates with the vibrant spirit of the macaw. Channel these ancient energies with the sleek, handcrafted Plain Kuripe Applicator.  And to top it off, complement your practice with the fiery Dragon's Blood Incense, a scent that commands strength and protection.

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02 Kuripe - Applicator - Plain

Price €11.16

Handmade Kuripe without decorations. It is made from bamboo and it's easy to carry while traveling and also very easy to clean! Options: B Stock, High Quality or High Quality + Brush

Tepi Applicator Plain short

Price €15.29

Handmade Tepi made of Bamboo. This is a short version, it's more sturdy and great for traveling. Created with care, attention and love..

Tepi Applicator Plain

Price €16.49

 Lovingly handcrafted Tepi using only bamboo. Meticulously sanded, finished, and polished by our skilled artisans, each piece has a smooth finish that's free of any decorative elements.


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