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Psilocybin Test Kit - Accessoires - Next Level
Psilocybin Test Kit

Psilocybin Test Kit

If you're planning on taking a psychedelic trip, or are working with magic truffles, magic mushrooms or psilocybin extracts for any other reason, it can be nice to know exactly how strong your truffles or magic mushrooms are.


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Psilocybin Test Kit

If you're planning on taking a psychedelic trip, or are working with magic truffles, magic mushrooms or psilocybin extracts for any other reason, it can be nice to know exactly how strong your truffles, mushrooms or extracts are. The PSILO-QTest is the first and only test that tells you how much psilocybin is in your product and is super simple to use. Follow the 4 simple steps and the test will let you know within 30 minutes how strong your magic truffles, extracts or magic mushrooms are.

This portable rapid test can be used at home and is almost as reliable as a laboratory test. Using a color scale, you determine with 90% accuracy the psilocybin content of your source material (of which you only need to use 150 milligrams to get results). Dr. Felix Bei of Germany's Friedrich Schiller University developed the test, giving growers, therapists and lovers of psychedelic mushrooms or truffles the ability to accurately determine the potency of their psychedelics.

The advantages of the PSILO-QTest

- Fast results (after 30 minutes)
- Only 0.1 - 2% of active substance needed for detection
- Only 150 mg of source material required
- Less than 10% deviation from professional HPLC laboratory test
- Evaluation of the sample is done by easily comparing it with a color scale
- The PSILO-QTest is disposable

Additional information

- Cool storage of reagents (between 2 °C to 8 °C) and protection from direct sunlight guarantee a shelf life of 12 months for the supplied substances (if stored correctly - preferably in the refrigerator)
- The extraction solution may turn slightly yellow after a while but is still completely good and usable
- Warm water is required for incubation


- plastic extraction vial with screw cap
- glass vial with septum and sealing lid
- syringe 1 ml
- test tube
- sterifilter for syringe
- safety gloves

Instructions for use in 4 steps

1. Preparation

Make proper preparations before testing. Remove all parts from the kit and put on the safety gloves. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing (not too long or of loose fabric) and work clean and sterile. Use about 150 mg of the material you want to test, crush it and make sure you mix it well. For extracts to be tested, the amount should be equal to 150mg of mushrooms or truffles. Heat a liter of water and let it cool slightly. Do not use boiling water as this will dissolve the psilocybin!

2. Extraction

Open the extraction vial, put in the crushed ingredients with the folded bottom, close it tightly and shake for 10 seconds. Put the vial down and then wait for 10 minutes. Repeat this process 2 more times. Now put the Sterifilt filter on the syringe and aspirate 1 ml of the liquid from the extraction vial. Pull the plunger of the syringe completely open and hold it; this will cause the syringe to fill with liquid by itself. Remove the Sterifilt from the syringe, unwrap the test tube and place it on the syringe. Then pierce through the partition of the glass vial with the blunt needle and squirt the entire liquid from the syringe into it. 

Make sure the syringe is not in direct contact with the liquid in the glass vial. Then fill the syringe completely with air; this prevents overpressure and splashing of fluids when you remove the syringe from the glass vial.

3. Detection

Place the glass vial with the detection solution in your warm (not boiling!) water. The solution in the glass vial will now begin to take on color. After 15 minutes you can read the result.

4. Evaluation

Your test solution should now have a beige to brownish color. This is your indicator of psilocybin content. Using the evaluation scale, you can now determine how many milligrams of psilocybin are in your sample solution.

You can multiply the read value by your remaining amount of mushrooms to get the exact concentration of psilocybin (For example 3mg psilocybin in 150 mg mushrooms x 10 = 30mg psilocybin in 1.5 g mushrooms).

That's how simple using this test is!