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Blue Lotus Flower - Tincture 15ml - Tinctures & Extracts - Next Level
Blue Lotus Flower - Tincture 15ml

Blue Lotus Flower - Tincture 15ml

Our Blue Lotus Flower Tincture brings you closer to the mystical charm of a plant celebrated since Ancient Egypt. With our high-quality extraction methods, this tincture truly captures nature's inherent characteristics of the illustrious Blue Lotus Flower.


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Blue Lotus Flower - Tincture 15ml

Immerse yourself in the intriguing world of the Blue Lotus Flower with our meticulously crafted tincture. Revered since the times of Ancient Egypt, this tincture captures the essence of the Blue Lotus Flower (Nymphaea caerulea), known to be a symbol of purity and divine beauty.

The Blue Lotus Flower, also called the Blue Egyptian water lily, holds a special place in various historical narratives. Admired for its captivating beauty, it frequently graced significant ceremonies and celebrations in ancient times. Today, it continues to flourish by the riversides and lakes of Egypt, East Africa, and Asia, reminding us of its rich historical lineage.

We take great pride in maintaining the integrity of the Blue Lotus Flower in our tincture. By employing high-quality extraction methods and base materials, we ensure a high concentration of the plant's inherent characteristics, offering you a tincture truly capturing nature's bounty.

Blue Lotus Flower Tincture Dosage
2 x daily 1 - 6 drops

Nymphaea caerulea, 32% Alcohol