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Incense Pearls - Coco - Sagrada Madre - Incense - Next Level
Incense Pearls - Coco

Incense Pearls - Coco

Introducing the Sagrada Madre Coco Pearls. In aromatherapy, coconut is an optimistic scent, capable of promoting good mood and enhancing creativity, camaraderie, and joy.


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Incense Pearls - Coconut

The coconut, much like the gourd, traveled through ocean currents. Esoterically, it symbolizes the journey through death, for floating in rivers and oceans, it faced numerous challenges but spread across the world.

Sacred in many cultures, India stands out where the coconut (known as kalpa vriksha) signifies the fruit capable of providing all life's necessities. In the northern part of the country, this fruit symbolizes the Goddess Sri (another name for Lakshmi), whose attributes encompass purity, beauty, generosity, abundance, victory, and success. Just as we cleanse our bodies, purifying our homes and workspaces is vital. The fragrance of these aromatic pearls aids in restoring harmony and equilibrium. This tool is ancient and retains the power of intention and communication with herbs, enabling a connection with the earth, the universe, and their renewal potential, reinstating harmony in your abode, body, and soul.

The Sagrada Madre brand is dedicated to providing authentic products of pure nature, using top-quality raw materials and committed to nature, ecology, and sustainability.

This incense comprises liturgical charcoal, salt, coconut, and an herbal binder.

Application of the Aromatic Pearls

Initiate the process by placing the pearls within an oil burner, whether with or without water. Define your intention (healing, energetic purification, safeguarding or alignment with guides, etc.). Avoid igniting them solely for the purpose of scenting your environment. A deep spiritual process underlies each ritual, deserving reverence. Any energy you "invoke" with these incense pearls becomes available for your request. Nature's elementals are also offered to be burned in your favor. It's our duty to honor this process.

- Use in a well-ventilated space.

- Dispose of the remnants in nature.

100% handmade, natural, therapeutic, and original.

These aromatic coconut pearls are meticulously handcrafted in Argentina using carefully selected ingredients, resulting in a delightful, refined fragrance. Being entirely natural, even its ash can be utilized in massages, oils, to fortify plants, and even create soaps. It can be incorporated into devotional rituals or to safeguard clairvoyance.