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Sacred smoke kit: Purification - Sagrada Madre - Incense - Next Level
Sacred smoke kit: Purification

Sacred smoke kit: Purification

Introducing the "sacred smoke kit" – Experience the captivating scents that fill the air and embrace the revitalizing essence of sage, the healing properties of copal resin, and the inviting fragrance of jasmine. This exquisite combination creates an enchanting atmosphere that allows you to indulge in the desired purification.

Incense qualities: Purification, Healing, Revitalization. 


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Sacred smoke kit: Purification

Experience revitalization and embrace love with the ingredients enclosed in this Sacred Smoke Box. The revitalizing properties of Jasmine invite a sense of affection, while Olibanum purifies and liberates. Copal also possesses a powerful purifying effect and promotes healing. White Sage refreshes and harmonizes, while Palo Santo cleanses and recharges your energy.

Fragrant notes

  • Floral
  • Aromatic
  • Earthy
  • Sweet


The contents of this box include 4 smudge discs, aromatic beads, herbs, resin, essential oil, a natural binder, and detailed information about the box's contents. The dimensions of the box are 5.5 cm by 5.5 cm.

Discover Sagrada Madre: Innovative Incense and Smudge Products

The products of Sagrada Madre are unique. This is clearly visible in the appearance of the incense itself, which is natural, a bit jagged, and handmade. But it is especially the scent that stands out: full, authentic, and accompanied by beautiful white smoke. Sagrada Madre means "holy mother earth" and is an Argentinian family business that engages in conscious farming, organic products, and fair and sustainable work. The company also has its own project to replant Palo Santo trees in their natural vegetation in South America.

In collaboration with Sagrada Madre Netherlands