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7 Chakra Incense - Sagrada Madre - Incense - Next Level
7 Chakra Incense

7 Chakra Incense

The 7 Chakra Cleansing set features a remarkable array of seven chakra incenses, each crafted to cleanse, fortify, and shield each respective energy chakra. Colour-coded for ease of identification, every incense stick embodies a unique blend of flowers, herbs, and resins tailored to purify its designated chakra. Each scent carries a melody of soft fragrances, ranging from fruity and floral to herbal, all subtly infused with notes of forest, resin, and warm wood tones.

Incense qualities: 7 Chakras, Consciousness, Healing, and Purifying.

SM - 7 Sticks

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7 Chakra Incense

The active ingredients are distinct for each chakra: Sandalwood for the Crown, Lavender for the Third Eye, Copal for the Throat, Rosemary for the Heart, Palo Santo for the Solar Plexus, Myrrh for the Sacral, and Roses for the Root Chakra. This incense set is an exquisite tool to work with your chakras, promoting exploration, healing, and affirmation of these energy fields, thus fostering the clearance of negative energy and the infusion of new positive energy.

Fragrant notes

A mix of scents including:

  • Fruity
  • Herbal
  • Hints of Forest
  • Wood tones


In the beautiful box from Sagrada Madre, you will find 7 sturdy incense sticks - each different from another (frankincense, myrrh, lavender, rosemary, sandalwood, palo santo and roses). Each stick burns for about 50 minutes, giving you ample time to enjoy the beautifully scented magic in them.

Good to know

Contains no chemicals or synthetic additives.
*Place in a fireproof container. Ignite in a ventilated environment. Store out of reach of children or animals. Cannot be consumed. Keep away from flammable materials.

Discover Sagrada Madre: Innovative Incense and Smudge Products

The products of Sagrada Madre are unique. This is clearly visible in the appearance of the incense itself, which is natural, a bit jagged, and handmade. But it is especially the scent that stands out: full, authentic, and accompanied by beautiful white smoke. Sagrada Madre means "holy mother earth" and is an Argentinian family business that engages in conscious farming, organic products, and fair and sustainable work. The company also has its own project to replant Palo Santo trees in their natural vegetation in South America.

In collaboration with Sagrada Madre Netherlands

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