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Palo Santo with Champa Incense - Sagrada Madre - Incense - Next Level
Palo Santo with Champa Incense

Palo Santo with Champa Incense

Experience the harmonious blend of Palo Santo and Champa flower with our Palo Santo with Champa Incense sticks from Sagrada Madre. This exquisite incense combines the warm, soothing aroma of Palo Santo wood with the refreshing scent of Champa flowers, creating a meditative atmosphere. 

Incense qualities: Love, Attraction, Balancing, and Healing.

SM - 8 sticks

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Palo Santo with Champa Incense Sticks

Indulge in the serene fragrance of our Palo Santo with Champa Incense sticks from Sagrada Madre. Handcrafted with care, these incense sticks combine the natural woody notes of Palo Santo with the delicate and invigorating aroma of Champa flowers, sourced from Indian magnolia trees with a rich Tibetan heritage. This combination is ideal for preparing meditation spaces as it possesses purifying and relaxing properties that create a serene atmosphere.

Each stick is carefully rolled following ancient artisanal traditions.

Fragrant Notes

  • Exotic flower
  • White fruits
  • Green citrus
  • Gentle Palo Santo wood.


In the beautiful box from Sagrada Madre, you will find eight sturdy incense sticks made of Palo Santo and Champa flowers. Each stick burns for about 50 minutes, giving you ample time to enjoy the pure scent and the soothing ambiance that Palo Santo brings with it.

About Palo Santo

Lighting a palo santo (holy wood) incense stick is a sacred and purifying ritual. For centuries, Palo Santo has been used by various ancient cultures to promote a sense of peace and well-being, while it attracts positive, healing, and harmonious energies to both spaces and individuals experiencing the aroma.

Discover Sagrada Madre: Innovative Incense and Smudge Products

The products of Sagrada Madre are unique. This is clearly visible in the appearance of the incense itself, which is natural, a bit jagged, and handmade. But it is especially the scent that stands out: full, authentic, and accompanied by beautiful white smoke. Sagrada Madre means "holy mother earth" and is an Argentinian family business that engages in conscious farming, organic products, and fair and sustainable work. The company also has its own project to replant Palo Santo trees in their natural vegetation in South America.