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Catuaba Extract - Relaxing - Next Level
Catuaba Extract

Catuaba Extract

Catuaba, one legendary little tree from Brazil. The Tupi Indians believe that this particular tree has blessed them with particularly large genitals. However, Catuaba is currently used primarily for its powerful sexual capabilities, with many health benefits attributed to this "gem" of nature.  

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Catuaba Extract

Catuaba is mainly used to stimulate the libido and has already made quite a name for itself in that industry. What many people don't know, however, is that this little tree is home to many more markets! Catuaba contains a group of substances, also called Catuabine. These are tropane alkaloids. It is said that this substance has a calming effect, can reduce anxiety, and contributes positively to fatigue complaints. Catuaba is also said to have a positive effect on the central nervous system.


Let steep in hot water for 15 minutes, allowing you to drink it as tea. You can also make a tincture of it by soaking it in alcohol for two weeks.


Most users describe the effects as a warm, cozy, and/or relaxed feeling. Catuaba stimulates blood flow and in particular to the genitals, where it can strengthen and prolong an erection.

Catuaba is also used as a sleep aid, however, this would increase the likelihood of erotic dreams. So use it at your own risk!

Overuse can be harmful to the liver.