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69 Authentic Rapé - Huni Kuin Tuim Nova Era Katsarau - Rapé - Next Level
69 Authentic Rapé - Huni Kuin Tuim Nova Era Katsarau

69 Authentic Rapé - Huni Kuin Tuim Nova Era Katsarau

The Authentic Rapé - Huni Kuin Tuim Nova Era Katsarau is a ceremonial rapé crafted by Chief Tuim Nova Era of the Boa Sorte village, in the Amazon of Brazil. 

10g [Jar]

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Authentic Rapé - Huni Kuin Tuim Nova Era Katsarau

Introducing the Authentic Rapé - Huni Kuin Tuim Nova Era Katsarau, a traditional and spiritually infused product, masterfully crafted by the renowned Chief Tuim Nova Era from the Boa Sorte village in the lush Amazonian territories of the Huni Kuin of the Humaitá River, Acre, Brazil. This exceptional rapé stands as a testament to the deep-rooted art and culture of the Huni Kuin people, encapsulating their profound connection with nature and spirituality.

This unique rapé, made with natural rope and Katsarau ashes, is renowned for its grounding properties and ability to enhance focus. It embodies the deep culture and spirituality of the Huni Kuin people, and purchasing it supports their cultural preservation and environmental education initiatives.

Created during a ceremonial process imbued with sacred chantings, this rapé blends natural tobacco with the revered Katsarau ashes, known for their potent healing properties. This unique composition is celebrated for its remarkable ability to ground the mind, enhancing focus and clarity. Chief Tuim Nova Era himself describes Katsarau as "pure medicine" that emanates from Yuxibu, the Great Spirit, highlighting its sacred origin and potent healing qualities. This rapé is a direct connection to the ancient wisdom of the Huni Kuin, offering users a profound experience that touches the spiritual realm.

Every purchase of the Authentic Rapé - Huni Kuin Tuim Nova Era Katsarau not only provides you with a unique and powerful product but also supports the incredible work of Chief Tuim Nova Era and his community. By choosing this rapé, you are directly contributing to the preservation of the Huni Kuin culture and the sustainability of their invaluable traditions. Experience this truly unique, authentic rapé and embrace the healing power of a culture deeply connected with the earth and the spirit.

Chief Tuim Nova Era is not just a spiritual leader but also a dedicated advocate for the preservation and revitalization of his people's culture and art. His expertise extends to the realm of Agroforestry, and he is a pivotal figure in environmental education. As the visionary behind the Living School of Traditional Medicine Studies of the Huni Kuin at the esteemed Hiwea Kiri Beisiti Center, Chief Tuim plays a crucial role in nurturing and disseminating the customs and traditions of his community.

About our Authentic Rapé

Our trailblazing new line of 'Authentic Rapé' stands as a testament to the remarkable connection we've fostered with the tribes of the Amazon jungle, the true guardians of this ancient art. Journey with us to the heart of the rainforest, where we have humbly embraced the wisdom and traditions passed down through generations. Working hand-in-hand with these indigenous communities, we have been granted the extraordinary privilege of receiving this Rapé directly from the very hands that lovingly craft it.

 Handmade by Tribal Medicine People  Crafted According to Ancient Recipes  Supports the Local Tribes  Purity and Potency Guaranteed


Glass bottle with 10 grams of Rapé