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60 Rapé Sananga - Exclusive - Rapé - Next Level
60 Rapé Sananga - Exclusive

60 Rapé Sananga - Exclusive

This Next Level Exclusive Sananga Rapé is a blend that opens one to intimate states of contemplation and relaxation, allowing heart and mind to work with the Great Mystery and the power of the Queen of the Waters. 

10g [Jar]

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Exclusive Sananga Rapé

The energy of this blend reintegrates the entire being due to its intensity.

Our Sananga Rapé is very rare and unique, its qualities are special and one of a kind: very clear, energizing, light, uplifting, warm, and crystal clear. The energy of this rapé is unique and comes from the Golden Serpent Kundalini. Immediately entering the third eye and crown chakras with a burst of warm heat and light, touching the energy centers in the sinus, third eye, and crown area. Crystal clear, cold crystalline energy penetrates as it spirals towards the heart, solar plexus and root of the spine, bringing the base chakra into full alignment. The energy of this powerful Sananga Rape seamlessly removes and breaks blocks, leaving you with crystalline energy from crown to base, harnessing the Golden Serpent Kundalini energy and helping to channel that energy from the inside out.

This rapé is great for healing yourself and others as it activates the healing heat energy of the chakras in the hands. In addition to the effects of the aci huni kuin traditional herbs used in this blend, it frees the mind from bad thoughts, leads to a state of meditation, clears our minds and enhances the senses and intuition, activates the upper chakras, providing strength, relaxation and spiritual well-being. The herbs used are harvested without any industrial or chemical procedures. Most of the ingredients are used in their dehydrated form and are transformed into powder so that they can be added to the composition of tobacco and tsunu or samauma ash.

About Next Level Exclusive Rapé

After travelling to far and distant lands, we've found what we were looking for – ancient knowledge, tribes where magic still exists, and special kinds of Rapé only a few have access to. After exchanging and connecting with each other, we were given permission to take this spiritual medicine with us and share it with the world.

What truly sets our Exclusive Rapé blends apart is the special way in which they are prepared, that differs from, but builds on the traditional ways of preparing rapé. Using different combinations of plant ashes and sacred tobacco, the tribes give their blends unique and exclusive energy and spiritual power.

We are grateful for being able to share this spiritual medicine with the world and, by doing so, support the tribes in the process. Discover our many exclusive rapé blends and you won't be disappointed.