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50 Rapé Samauma - Exclusive - rapé - Next Level
50 Rapé Samauma - Exclusive

50 Rapé Samauma - Exclusive

High vibration, and immense elevation. Samauma rapé comes from the largest tree in the Amazon. The mother of all trees lends its medicinal properties to this rapé. Making it a blend that offers the best of both worlds.

10g [Jar]

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Exclusive Samauma Rapé

It is said that the sacred affects everything it touches. It goes beyond the physical to reach the spiritual. For the ancient indigenous Brazilians, this holds true.

That's why the Samauma blend adds a whole new layer to the usual collection of rapé. It's the ultimate rapé for meditations, divine connection, and chakra crown activation.  It contains traces of the oldest and largest Amazonian tree. In addition to the deep warming sensation, Samauma contains spiritual qualities that make it a worthwhile experience. Use it for meditation, relaxation, and connecting with your inner self.

About Next Level Exclusive Rapé

After traveling to far and distant lands in search of ancient knowledge, we have found what we were looking for – tribes where magic still exists, and a special kind of Rapé only a few have access to. After exchanging special gems and promises, we were given permission to take this spiritual medicine with us and share it with the world. 

You may ask, why are these Rapé’s exclusive and any different? After all, some of the names overlap… No worries, we get your question! Although the names are similar (or for some Rapé’s even the same), they are made using different combinations of ashes and prepared in a special way that is different from the ‘traditional’ way, giving it unique and exclusive energy and spiritual power. Try out these exclusive Rapé’s and discover their uniqueness for yourself! These blends will not disappoint you…