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Budget Truffles | Psilocybe Mexicana

Regular price €9.09
Price €7.27

The psilocybe mexicana causes euphoric and happy feelings during a trip. Color perception is increased and slight hallucinations provide a relaxed and laid-back trip. The perfect entheogenic substance if you are new to the world of psychedelics.

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  • -20%

Budget Truffles | Psilocybe Nirvana

Regular price €10.33
Price €8.26

Especially for hardcore psychedelic lovers: Psilocybe Nirvana. This truffle strain is a must-have for every experienced psychonaut who is looking for a new, exciting and unique trip.

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  • -20%

Budget Truffles | Psilocybe Shambhala

Regular price €10.70
Price €8.56

Are you ready for a wondrous journey into the cosmos and back? Great, because that's where the Shambhala will take you! Expect intense visuals, amazing euphoric feelings and a very special journey!

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Rapé Discount Combi Pack - Discounts

Regular price €90.91
Price €75.91

Put five / ten Rapé bottles in your shopping cart and the discount will be calculated automatically

  • -€15.00
  • -€15.00