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Copaiba Oil - Natural Health - Next Level
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Copaiba Oil

Our Copaiba oil is ethically sourced from South America. Celebrated for its many uses, this oil has been extracted from the unique Copaiba tree species. With over 70 distinct species found across the lush landscapes of Central and South America, the copaiba tree is an emblem of nature's diversity.

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The method of extraction used ensures the highest quality, guaranteeing a high concentration of active substances in the Copaiba oil. In the modern world, this versatile oil has found its way into a myriad of cosmetic products such as soaps, creams, lotions, and perfumes. Its gentle essence and natural origins make it a favorite addition to personal care items.

Next to its cosmetic properties, Copaiba has many uses traditionally. Unfortunately, due to European regulations, we cannot mention the possible relation between Copaiba oil and pain, inflammation, infections and wounds, the digestive system, immune system, and nervous system for example. However, it has a longstanding history of use and is cherished by the indigenous communities. Copaiba oil is packed with antioxidants.

How to use Copaiba Oil:

For the perfect blend, it's recommended to dilute Copaiba oil before use. Combine ½ of Copaiba oil with ½ of your chosen plant-based or vegetable oil.

On the skin (use diluted):

- Place several drops on the desired area (2-4 drops).

- Distribute a few drops on chakra and vita flex points for an aromatic experience.

Aromatherapy Use:

- Diffuse the undiluted oil to fill your surroundings with its gentle aroma.

- Introduce 1-5 drops to your favorite drink (water, tea, or juice).