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72 Shanenawa Tsunu Rapé LIMITED EDITION - Limited Edition - Next Level
72 Shanenawa Tsunu Rapé LIMITED EDITION

72 Shanenawa Tsunu Rapé LIMITED EDITION

The Shanenawa Tsunu Rapé Limited Edition, crafted by the Shanenawa tribe, also known as the Katukina do Juruá, is a unique blend of Moi rope and Tsunu ashes.

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Sourced from the Heart of the Amazon Ensured Authenticity Not eligible for Rapé combi pack

Shanenawa Tsunu Rapé - Limited Edition

Prepared with prayers and love, this rapé is appreciated for its uplifting effects and potential to support wellbeing.

Introducing the Shanenawa Tsunu Rapé Limited Edition from the Shanenawa tribe, known for its deep connection with the Amazon rainforest and its healing traditions. This rapé, made with Moi tobacco and Tsunu ashes, is infused with prayers and love, offering uplifting effects and may also be used to support overall well-being.

The Shanenawa, part of the Pano linguistic family in Acre, Brazil, are renowned for their expertise in utilizing medicinal plants, incorporating them into traditional healing practices and ceremonies, including the use of ayahuasca. This rapé is a reflection of their profound understanding of nature's gifts. The Shanenawa, residing near the Juruá River in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, has a rich cultural heritage, including a deep understanding of traditional medicinal plants. This rapé reflects their commitment to preserving their culture and knowledge, despite facing challenges like land encroachment and deforestation.

Facing challenges such as land encroachment and deforestation, the Shanenawa tribe has been steadfast in preserving their ancestral lands and cultural heritage. They engage in partnerships with NGOs and government agencies to promote sustainable development and conservation of the Amazon rainforest.

By choosing the Shanenawa Tsunu Rapé Limited Edition, you are not only embracing a potent product with powerful qualities but also contributing to Shanenawa's efforts in safeguarding their traditions and knowledge. This rapé is a symbol of the tribe's resilience and their harmonious relationship with nature.

About our Shanenawa Tsunu Rapé

Our Shanenawa Tsunu Rapé collection is an homage to the Shanenawa tribe's enduring spirit and their commitment to traditional practices and environmental stewardship. It stands as a testament to their resilience and their efforts to maintain and share their invaluable knowledge with the world.


Glass bottle with 10 grams of Rapé

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