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G-spot opium gel - Libido - Next Level
Libido G-spot opium gel € 14,50

G-spot opium gel

G-Spot Gel is the ideal formula if you are looking for a stimulant for women and men. Give your genitals a tickling sensation and for that G-Spot orgasm together!


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The gel immediately gives a great tingle making the G-spot extra stimulated. The nice thing about the gel is that it is also designed for men. When the gel is applied to the glans this will also give a nice tingling. It allows the woman to be satisfied longer, so it is more likely that they will get a G-Spot orgasm.

Gel manual
Apply the gel to the genitals during or just before sexual activity. The gel can be applied on the genitals and the vagina as many times as is desired. First test a small amount of gel on the inside of the wrist before using it regularly!