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Kratom + Kanna Single Shots 40mg + 5mg - Kratom Extract - Next Level
Kratom + Kanna Single Shots 40mg + 5mg

Kratom + Kanna Single Shots 40mg + 5mg

Our Kratom + Kanna Single Shots offer a unique blend of Kratom's power and Kanna's special properties, packed in a 15ml bottle. This concentrated mixture contains 40mg Mitragynine and 5mg Kanna alkaloids, created with high-quality extraction methods for optimal purity and potency.


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Discover our unique Kratom + Kanna Single Shots. This exclusive product combines the power of Kratom with the special properties of Kanna, packed in a convenient 15ml bottle. With a carefully measured dose of 40mg Mitragynine and 5mg Kanna alkaloids, you are assured of a concentrated product.

Product Highlights:

  • Potent Formula: A powerful mix of 40mg Mitragynine and 5mg Kanna alkaloids, carefully composed for an optimal balance.
  • High-Quality Extraction Methods: Our advanced extraction processes guarantee the highest purity and potency, using only the finest raw materials.
  • Concentrated Power: These single shots are designed to deliver the essence of both plants in a concentrated form.
  • Special Combination: The unique composition of Kratom and Kanna offers a combination found nowhere else.

At Next Level Smart, we offer you 100% authentic Kratom varieties. Wildcrafted and freshly harvested for top quality. Directly from our factories in Indonesia to you, without middlemen or compromises.

Kratom is not on the list of approved novel foods and new food ingredients. Therefore, it is not sold for human consumption.