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Bubblegum - Inner Earth Seeds - Next Level


Bubblegum is a well-known cannabis strain with a delicously fruity smell and exceptionally sweet taste. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid, but it has a growth pattern that leans more towards indica. It can be harvested in 8-9 weeks and produces a significant yield. She has a high THC content and a medium CBD content. Her sweet bubblegum taste and impressive properties have made her a renowned favourite in the world of growers and consumers alike.

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Bubblegum is a very well-known and beloved cannabis strain, which has proven - through countless awards and worldwide fame over the decades - that she is here to stay. This plant is known for its wonderful fruity scent, full flavour and compact structure. Bubblegum has been used by many seed banks over the years to create award-winning hybrids and can be a great foundation for your breeding program. Bubblegum is a medium-sized plant with compact, crystal-covered buds and was originally developed by growers in Indiana, USA. Because the seeds ended up in the Netherlands from America, this stable Bubblegum was eventually developed with its sweet smell and euphoric high. However, this modern cannabis strain with Dutch genetics is not to be confused with the classic Bubble Gum, which has an indica background. Bubblegum is a sativa-dominant hybrid, derived from the South African Power Plant and the Brazilian Santa Maria. This gives it the properties of both species, namely a fast flowering and sweet, resinous beauty. Bubblegum has a growth pattern that leans more towards the indica side, allowing her to grow short and fast, producing dense, crystal-covered buds. She can be harvested after just 8-9 weeks of flowering and produces a significant yield of 500g/m² indoors. The strain is highly adaptable to any climate, so growing it outdoors poses no problem. Be careful when planting in a humid environment though, because the plant can be susceptible to pests and mould. This lady can grow up to 200cm tall and produce a yield of 450-500g/plant, ready for harvest in October. As the name suggests, Bubblegum produces very sweet buds with a delicious taste. The sweet and earthy notes are accompanied by a perfect balance between powerful euphoria and relaxation in the body. This strain has high THC levels (19%), which gives it a very powerful high. Moreover, she also boasts a medium CBD content, which balances the high somewhat and makes her an interesting strain for the medicinal user.

Height: 120 – 160 cm

Taste: sweet, flowers, berries, bubblegum

Effect: mind relaxing, motivating, euphoric

Flowering time: 8 - 9 weeks

Yield indoors: 350-500 gr per month

Yield outdoors: 400 – 450 g per plant

THC/CBD dominant: THC Dominant

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