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Faqs By Grow Kit questions

Where can I find the grow kit guide?

Click on the following links and find the right manual for your grow kit:

Copelandia Grow Kit

Cubensis Grow Kit

How long will my truffles last?

The Truffles are harvested on a weekly basis. When you receive the truffles keep them in the refrigerator before usage. 

Can I microdose with my truffles?

Yes, it is definitely possible. We sell microdosing products or you can use a scale to weigh the amount you would like to microdose with.

You can find more about microdosing in our blog article:

The second flush came up in about two -three days . Is this normal or should it have taken two weeks of high CO2 in a closed bag to restart ?  Although they came up quickly , there aren't too many yet. BTW , extremely quick delivery and everything worked just like the directions said .  Well done .