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65 Authentic Rapé - Huni Kuin Bonaturã - Authentic Rapé - Next Level
65 Authentic Rapé - Huni Kuin Bonaturã

65 Authentic Rapé - Huni Kuin Bonaturã

Bunaturã Rapé gently grounds and opens your being, inviting you to explore the deeper layers of your emotions with clarity and tranquility.

10g [Jar]

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Authentic Huni Kuin Bunaturã Rapé

This exceptional Rapé is thoughtfully designed to elevate your meditative practice and foster a profound sense of connection with your inner self. This blend leaves you feeling soft from the inside, yet open and ready to conquer the day with renewed strength and focus.

Crafted with the utmost care and deep respect for the plant spirits, each ingredient in Huni Kuin Bunaturã Rapé is harvested by hand, ensuring the preservation of the tribe's ancient wisdom and spiritual significance. Embrace the essence of the Amazon rainforest as you experience the transformative power of this exquisite Rapé.

About our Authentic Rapé

Our trailblazing new line of 'Authentic Rapé' stands as a testament to the remarkable connection we've fostered with the tribes of the Amazon jungle, the true guardians of this ancient art. Journey with us to the heart of the rainforest, where we have humbly embraced the wisdom and traditions passed down through generations. Working hand-in-hand with these indigenous communities, we have been granted the extraordinary privilege of receiving this Rapé directly from the very hands that lovingly craft it.

 Handmade by Tribal Medicine People  Crafted According to Ancient Recipes  Supports the Local Tribes  Purity and Potency Guaranteed


Glass bottle with 10 grams of Rapé