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White Sage Stick XL - White Sage - Next Level
White Sage White Sage Stick XXL - 23 cm € 12,95

White Sage Stick XL

White Sage XL Stick that can be used for cleaning people and / or spaces. It takes on the negative energy inside and outside ourselves, our home or office. White Sage can also be used to clean your aura.


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White Sage Smudge Sticks

White Sageis also called indian incense. It used to be used by the Native Americans for their rituals. They drove the negative energies away from their living environment and by themselves with this dried plant. White sage thus cleans all kinds of negative energies.

White sage is widely used for cleaning and cleaning of living spaces.
In addition, white sage reinforces vision, faith and spirituality. It works highly cleansing, revitalizing, and promotes skilled action and clarity.

The Smudge sticks use you by lighting the tip. You extinguish the flame so that the tip will glow. The fragrant smoke will spread through the space. You can use the Smudge stick several times by extinguishing it in for example an abalone shell. The use of an Abalone shell ensures the presence of all four elements. The abalone shell stands for the element of water. The fire for igniting the Smudge is the element fire, the smoke released is the element air and the smudge itself represents the element earth.

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