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Blue Lotus 1:1 Extract | Alcohol Free - Tinctures & Extracts - Next Level
Blue Lotus 1:1 Extract | Alcohol Free

Blue Lotus 1:1 Extract | Alcohol Free

Experience the benefits of our powerful Blue Lotus 1:1 extract - 100% alcohol free & available in 5ml and 10ml.

5 ml
10 ml

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Blue Lotus 1:1 Extract | Alcohol Free

Blue Lotus flower is a water lily that predominantly grows in Egypt and certain parts of Asia. It’s known as an entheogen, which is a mind-altering substance believed to alter one’s consciousness in a spiritual / religious manner. The term entheogen is commonly used instead of “hallucinogenic” or “psychedelic”.

Blue Lotus holds cultural importance, and images of the flower have been found on ancient scrolls and on the walls of tombs. Historians believe it was once used in Egypt as a traditional remedy to treat an array of conditions and disorders like anxiety and insomnia.

The two main compounds responsible for the flower’s psychoactive and therapeutic effects are apomorphine and nuciferine.

Microdose: 1-5 drops, macrodose: 6-9 drops.

Nymphaea caerulea 1:1 extract, vegetable oil base. Water soluble & alcohol free!