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100% Raw Cacao Paste - Bolivia - Raw Cacao - Next Level
100% Raw Cacao Paste - Bolivia

100% Raw Cacao Paste - Bolivia

The 100% Raw Cacao cold pressed Pasta from Bolivia is made from Cacao beans collected from the wild. In the province of Beni, in the northeast of Bolivia, grows the Beniano Cacao, a unique cacao variety that has been growing for centuries without outside influences or cross-breeding with other cacao species. This is a very nice Raw Cacao to use for Cacao Ceremonies. 

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Made with Wild & Organic Cacao Beans Rich Heritage & Quality Perfect for Cacao Ceremonies Nutrient-Dense Superfood

Raw Cacao Paste 450 gram & 1kg

The Cacao beans used to make this RAW 100% Cacao Pasta come from an endemic and unique species in the world. Working with this Cacao species goes back to pre-Columbian times. It grows in the depths of the Bolivian Amazon without influence from humanity. It is therefore wild Cacao that is processed according to high-quality standards from the collection made by the local population to the Raw Cacao Paste.

Wild Cacao from Bolivia

Raw Cacao wild collected. In the province of Beni, in northeastern Bolivia, the Beniano Cacao grows a unique Cacao variety that has thrived for centuries without any external influences or crossbreeding with other Cacao species in the middle of the Amazon region. A real rarity that is particularly popular with Cacao experts! The rainforest and the raw material Cacao are viewed by local farmers and companies as a common good and their use is decided together. The wild Cacao beans are picked from January to March without any harvesting equipment and the biodiversity of the jungle is thus sustainably protected, hence the term wild collection. 


certified as wild and organic product (ID-BIO-140)
⊹ Wild, organic Beniano Cacao beans from the Amazon forest
⊹ Hand collected, fermented and sun-dried by indigenous people in the jungle
⊹ Soft and creamy in texture
⊹ The wilderness fruity flavors of the forest are present in the long aftertaste
⊹ Raw quality - unroasted
⊹ Gluten-free, vegan

Recommended daily use: ideal for refreshing Cacao shakes, drinking chocolates, baking, and smoothies. ⊹ This Cacao mass is suitable for ceremonial purposes.


Common name:
Wild Cacao

Scientific name:
Theobroma Cacao


Baures, Beni, Bolivia
"Cacao Beniano"

Cultivation type:
Wild collection, selected, sun-dried, and naturally fermented.

Organic product by CERES (EU / NOP)


10 to 20 microns

Unburnt and cold-pressed Cacao produced opinion Bolivia. Content: 450 grams or 1000 grams