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62 Rapé Putany - Exclusive - Rapé - Next Level
62 Rapé Putany - Exclusive

62 Rapé Putany - Exclusive

Our Rapé Putany is a strong and beautiful blend, re-aligning body and mind and connecting you to Spirit. Sharp and with a bit of an earthy aroma, this rapé is harmonious and purifying.

10g [Jar]

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Exclusive Putany Rapé

This exclusive rapé is made by the female leader of the Yawanawa tribe and therefore carries feminine strength (Forca Feminina). Made from the ashes of the mulungu tree (Erythrina Mulungu) and very strong rope tobacco, this medicine brings great cleaning, healing and protection power.

Rapé blends made by the Yawanawa tribe are well-known and in high demand due to their quality and the authenticity of the production process. Just like all their rapé blends, the Yawanawa native women make this exclusive Putany Rapé with great care and knowledge and always in the right spirit.

About Next Level Exclusive Rapé

After travelling to far and distant lands, we've found what we were looking for – ancient knowledge, tribes where magic still exists, and special kinds of Rapé only a few have access to. After exchanging and connecting with each other, we were given permission to take this spiritual medicine with us and share it with the world.

What truly sets our Exclusive Rapé blends apart is the special way in which they are prepared, which differs from, but builds on the traditional ways of preparing rapé. Using different combinations of plant ashes and sacred tobacco, the tribes give their blends unique and exclusive energy and spiritual power.

We are grateful for being able to share this spiritual medicine with the world and, by doing so, support the tribes in the process. Discover our many exclusive rapé blends and you won't be disappointed.