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Kanna 50x Extract - Kanna - Next Level
Kanna 50x Extract

Kanna 50x Extract

50x extract. The active substances in Kanna work primarily stimulating. They provide energy and / or an euphoric feeling. At high doses, you will get into a state that has an MDMA high.

1 g

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NLNaturals Kanna 50x Extract

The strongest Kanna extract in our assortment; 50x extract!

Kanna was used during shamanistic ceremonies by native tribes in South Africa. The herb would wake the animal spirit inside, thereby increasing their creativity. Furthermore, due to its stimulating effects, it was used during hunting. 

The psychoactive substances in Kanna are mesembrine, 4'0-demethyl mesembrenol, mesembrenone and tortuosamine. These substances are primarily stimulating. They provide energy and/or a euphoric feeling.

At a high dose, you will get into a state that has similarities to an MDMA high but lighter and shorter.

The most important alkaloids in kanna function as serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRI), so you can never combine them with other (S) SRIs or MAO inhibitors.

Enjoyable as well as snuff or tea.
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