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Magic Truffles


Magic truffles are no mushrooms nor are they truffles. Magic truffles are sclerotia, a fungus that grows under the ground between the hyphaeAlso called mycelium.


When you use truffles, it’s best to do this in a safe and quiet environment. For beginners we recommend an half a dose to test your reactions. After about 45 minutes the substance psilocybin will begin to have his effect. Enjoy the magical wonders of the High Hawaiians! 

Truffels have the best effect when consumed on an empty stomach. We advice not eat for 4-6 hours. Chew well and long for an enhanced effect.
There is also a possibility to make tea by cutting the truffles into pieces and putting the pieces in hot water for 20 minutes.

What do the four effects (visual, energy, body, brain) mean?

Body effect: 

Experience a pleasant feeling in your body. Feel like you’re moving in slow motion and experience a pleasant warmth and tingling feeling all over your body!

Brain effects:

Why do we live? What’s our purpose in this world? Know the answer to all the questions that you’ve never knownSenses sharpen, see everything more clearly than ever before.


Experience the world in a different way. Experience the colors stronger and see things you’ve never seen before.

Energy effect: 
Feel energetic. Not only physically but also mentally. Fly from one thought to another. Feel euphoric and invincible.

Do truffels have a phisical effect on the body?

According to the book Addiction Gable, RS and Jellinek the physical risks of psychedelic truffles are negligible. Permanent organ damage has not been reported anywhere so far, and the toxicity of the active substance psilocybin is very low. It is estimated that a lethal dose is at least 1000 times the effective dose (addiction (2004), Gable RS)
The RIVM examined the harmfulness of 19 stimulants and looked at how toxic, how addictive, and what the social damage is of each substance(aggression, traffic safety, absenteeism). Click here for the full report.

Are truffles addictive?

The risk of addiction is null when using truffles. Because of the severe effects that occur with the use of truffles, people don’t use them often in most cases. As a result, the risk of psychological dependence/addiction is very small. The body also gets used quickly to truffles. After using frequently you will barely notice the effects.

Why do I need an empty stomach when I use truffles?

If you’ve just eaten it may take longer for the psilocybine to work, thus there is a risk that too much psilocybin is ingested because you don’t experience the effects. The effects of the truffle will always start. But if you had e big meal it can take a while before you experience it. Therefore, use the truffles 2 hours after a meal.

The 10 Magic Truffle Commandments:

Be Prepared

1) Come prepared, know what to expect. Truffles will give you a visual and hallucinogenic experience known as a trip.
You will become extremely aware of yourself and will discover more about your personality than you can imagine.

2) Consume truffles in secure, safe and quiet surroundings.

3) Consume truffles only when you are mentally fit and fully at ease. Never consume truffles when depressed, down or unhappy.

4) Consume truffles only when you want to, not because someone tells you to.

5) Sale and use under 18 is not allowed. Never combine alcohol, medications or other drugs with truffles. Do not operate machines or take part in traffic. Be aware that your reaction time is at least three times slower than under normal circumstances.

Be Aware

6) Chewing well and for a long time enhances the effects. Never consume truffles on a full stomach. Do not consume truffles sooner than 2 hours after any meal.

7) Never consume more than one box, always start out with half a box. The effects start after 30 to 45 minutes. Only then decide whether you want to increase your dosage.

8) Accept the short periods of fear and doubt during the trip, they are a part of it and will disappear shortly. After a maximum of 6 hours, the entire trip will have come to an end. At the better smart shops, trip stoppers are offered. If not available, take a normal dosage of vitamin C and as much sugar as you can handle.

9) Take time to deal with all the impressions and process the experience.

10) Truffles are one of the best experiences nature has to offer. The gifts of nature are there to be enjoyed.