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58 Rapé Cumaru - Exclusive - Rapé - Next Level
58 Rapé Cumaru - Exclusive

58 Rapé Cumaru - Exclusive

Clear your mind, calm your thoughts, and get a razor-sharp focus. Rapé Cumaru activates your third eye and crown chakra to help you meditate and reach within yourself. It allows you to experience a crystal-clear mental state and stay focused for several hours. The uplifting effects are not as strong as those of other rapé. However, Cumaru has healing and mindfulness effects that place it at the top of the list of best concentrating agents. 

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Cumaru Rapé (Dipteryx odorata)

If flavor and quality are what you crave, you will not be disappointed. Cumaru is also known as the Tonka bean tree. It has a long history as a flavor ingredient in sweets and foods.

While claiming mental clarity and mindfulness effects. Cumaru is also a natural detoxifier. It brings out a lot of reactions and purges from your body. Helping it to release all the toxins and the accumulated negative energy.

It's an extremely refined powder and takes a great deal of effort to produce.

About Next Level Exclusive Rapé

After traveling to far and distant lands in search of ancient knowledge, we have found what we were looking for – tribes where magic still exists, and a special kind of Rapé only a few have access to. After exchanging special gems and promises, we were given permission to take this spiritual medicine with us and share it with the world. 

You may ask, why are these Rapé’s exclusive and any different? After all, some of the names overlap… No worries, we get your question! Although the names are similar (or for some Rapé’s even the same), they are made using different combinations of ashes and prepared in a special way that is different from the ‘traditional’ way, giving it unique and exclusive energy and spiritual power. Try out these exclusive Rapé’s and discover their uniqueness for yourself! These blends will not disappoint you…

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